Who Can Witness A Guarantor Agreement

Hello, my son signed a lease with a student landlord and I was asked to guarantee his rent. For the first time in our lives, we know that they must sign in the presence of witness Nancy Agreememt. Does it have to be a lawyer or anyone? In the latter case, how do we know if they have not described false witnesses? Do we need more information about the witness (we want to make sure the witness is accepted by the courts, and so on). ยท The signatures – guarantors and owners, perhaps witnesses of Guarantor`s phone numbers are so changeable, the mind are addresses for some. I can see why you are asking, we need a witness, but it seems unlikely that they will be available if desired, so where is the point? I think it takes a lot smarter than I do to understand why we should go into the extra difficulties. To enforce a guarantee settlement, it must be signed by the guarantor in the presence of a witness. This witness must also sign the document. The surety must receive a copy of the lease (attached to the agreement) in order to be aware of the debts it covers. Ideally, the guarantor signs the deed in the presence of the owner/agent. There are no legal documents or formats for this, but in general, the application form resembles a rental application. It may be part of the lease or a separate document. The deposit form simply states that “if your son or daughter is late with his rent, you must cover their debts.” I sent an email to the landlord/agent and asked them to tell me how much rent I guaranteed in total, and they responded with an amount corresponding to his share and not with the total rent of the house. Nowhere is there any question of the damage compensation guarantee, although the AST states that the tenants would be liable.

If you sign a document as a witness, you must print your name and provide an address. It is worth considering whether the surety is able to settle tenant liability in the event of an infringement.