Ua Local 250 Master Agreement

(209) Within seven (7) days of receiving a notification from the Union of its intention to terminate or amend this agreement, the association informs all employers whose union has been informed by the Union. Each of these employers has thirty (30) days from the date the association sent or amended the intention to inform the Union in writing of its intention to negotiate a renewal contract separately. Under the AU standard of excellence, members, through the local union and management, are held by signatory contractors and are responsible for effective solutions. The Union and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. and/or employers hereth apply to a Standard for Excellence Committee (Committee) that takes into account any claims by the Union or an employer arising from or related to this standard of excellence. The committee consists of a member appointed by the Union, a member appointed by the Employers` Association and a public member, who is a neutral party, chosen and appointed by the representative of the Union and the representative of the employers` association. The committee has the power to make a final and binding decision on all matters submitted to it that must be respected by the Union, the employer, the association, the applicant/worker and any other party concerned by the committee`s decision. The union, employer, association, applicant/worker and all parties to the committee`s decision waive any right of appeal or request for judicial facilitation of the committee`s decision. The Committee is not competent to complete, subtract or amend a provision of the collective agreement and its decision is consistent with the letter and spirit of the agreement. (281) No subsequent changes in wages take effect after the start of the employer`s activity, unless such a change in wages or working conditions has been agreed and in accordance with the effective date agreed in the negotiations between the local union and the recognized bargaining agency of the contractors. (210) In the event that such an employer does not associate the Union with separate negotiations within the aforementioned time frame, it is presumed that that employer accepts these conditions and the agreement reached during the negotiations between the Union and the association and is bound by the resulting collective agreement. (132) In accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970, it is the employer`s responsibility to ensure the safety of its workers and its compliance with the safety rules contained or set by the employer.