Solicitors Fees For Settlement Agreement

We specialize in quick, friendly and effective advice through work agreements focused on promoting your workers` rights and achieving a result that will help you pursue your life and career with confidence and enthusiasm. Whichever labour lawyer you`re talking to, they can help you get the best billing record for you. They give you simple legal advice in English so you know exactly where you stand. But if you think your employer`s offer of comparative agreements doesn`t meet your expectations, one of our work lawyers can work to negotiate an improved billing package. At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, we understand that one of the main concerns clients will have in seeking legal advice are legal fees and fees for transaction agreements. That`s why you always have full control over our clear pricing and pricing options. As you will see from the following information, we are completely transparent about our rates. If you opt for this option, our lawyers will charge an hourly rate of $250 plus VAT. The total cost depends on the time it takes to conclude the negotiation, but as a general rule, it is likely that there is between $600 and $800 plus VAT. Keep in mind that you don`t have to accept a transaction agreement unless you`re fully satisfied with the terms. We can help you discuss possible terms with your employer and advise you on the impact of certain conditions on you, such as confidentiality clauses.B.

Our personal and personalized approach to our clients` business means that we get to know your needs and wishes and make sure they are included in the agreement. We inform you in advance of the exact structure of the rates we can offer you. There will never be a surprise fee or an obligation to move forward. When negotiating a transaction, it is painful that the amount of the employer`s contribution to the worker`s legal fees is, as is often the case, the last obstacle to an agreement. Contact our lawyers by phone today on 01476 372 047, by email or by booking a free appointment via the form on the right of the page.