Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement Between India And Germany

(d) the term “person” refers to a natural person, a corporation and any other entity considered a taxable entity under the tax legislation in force in the relevant contracting states; 3. Legislation in one of the contracting states continues to govern the taxation of income and capital in the contracting states concerned, unless this agreement expressly provides otherwise. Through its tax law, Germany intends to avoid both double taxation and double non-taxation of individuals and businesses. Everyone must pay their fair share of the tax in their place of residence or in the place where they operate. Double taxation agreements distribute tax duties among countries. However, they do not create new revenue requirements. Where there are competing assets, they allocate tax legislation to only one of the countries concerned in order to avoid double taxation. The competent authorities exchange information (which they have according to their respective tax laws in normal administrative procedures) to the extent necessary to implement the provisions of this agreement. All information thus exchanged is treated as secret and cannot be disclosed to anyone other than those involved in the taxation and collection of taxes that are the subject of this agreement. The competent authority of one of the territories where trade, trade, industrial or professional secrets or commercial procedures are disclosed to the authority of the other territory cannot murder any information. International tax law includes all legal provisions that include foreign-related tax matters. These include internal tax laws in Germany, such as the Income Tax Act and the Tax Law, as well as double taxation agreements that Germany has entered into with other countries.

Authority of the area where he resides. If its application is deemed worthy, the competent authority which has the right to reach an agreement with the competent authority of the other territory endeavours to reach an agreement on the prevention of double taxation.