City Of Port Lincoln Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

BP2003/5965, AG2003/6076 s.170MW Request from Southlink Pty Limited to suspend or terminate a trading period bp2003/3498; and s.170NA (1) Request from SouthLink Pty Limited re industrial action and negotiation of a certified agreement – Dangerfield C – 28 August AG2003/1156 u.s. 170LJ-REQUESTs from CE PU for certification of various agreements – Hamilton DP – 28 August AG2003/6123 s.170LK Application of Booth Transport Pty Ltd and others for certification of the agreement re Booth Transport Drivers Agreement 2003 – Dangerfield C – 20 August AG2003/6088 s.170LJ Application for certification of the agreement re Boffa and Russo Electric Contractors Pty Ltd Contracting Division Enterprise Agreement South Australia 2003-2005 – O`Callaghan SDP – August 4 BP2003/5827, C2003/5041 s.170MI Request for publication of the opening of the trading period by restarting the trading period; s.99. notification of litigation by ALHMWU and Carlton Chemicals Pty Ltd, the employer`s deliberate intent, wage reduction – Eames C – 15 August AG2003/6138 s.170LJ AmieU request, The South Australian Branch und Another for certification of agreement re Tatiara Meat Co pty Limited and Australasian Meat Industry Employees` Union, The South Australian Branch, Meat Processing Agreement 2003 – O`Callaghan SDP – 28 August AG2003/6067 s.170LK application by Brymac Nominees Pty Limited t/as Commercial Painting Contractors for certification of agreement re Painting Contractors Agreement 2003 – O`Callaghan SDP – 21 August AG2003/682 9 s.170 TWU request to terminate contract re Visy Recycling (NSW – Kerb) Enterprise Agreement 2001 – Cartwright SDP – August 26 C2003/4691 et al.s.113 TCFUA Applications for Variation of felt Hatting Industry Award 1999 , Footwear Industries Award 2000, Clothing Trades Award 1999 and Textile Industry Award 2000 re supported wage – Ross VP – August 26 This page contains a list of applications for approval or modification of an enterprise agreement currently being considered by the Fair Work Commission.