Cascades Collective Agreement

Unifor Local 114 members working at Cascade Aerospace in Abbotsford, B.C., ratified a new three-year collective agreement on June 21. A 48-month extension contract, which will take effect from March 31, 2014 to March 30, 2018, was signed in August 2014 following a work stoppage during the negotiation phase. Negotiation duration – 6 months. Unifor members at Cascade went on strike for 11 weeks in 2014. “Our negotiating committee has done a great job and they should be proud,” said Unifor Local 114 Plant Chair Steve Frank. “This treaty is a great step forward and builds on our hard work and solidarity.” Unpaid leave granted to the worker to serve in the Canadian army or on reserves. Safety shoes: $150 per year; the allowance may be deferred for up to 36 months, with a maximum amount of 300 DOLLARS [unchanged]. The new contract includes, among other things, an increase in the cost of living for wages, a better language of health and safety, better planning arrangements and an increase in the number of workers for those working outside Canada. Stay up-to-date on what is happening at Unifor and how the union is improving the lives of all workers in Canada.

Subscribe to our Uniforum e-newsletter. “Unifor members are essential to Canada`s aerospace sector,” said Jerry Dias, President of Unifor National. “Our members produce quality products that attract investment, encourage job creation in large and small communities.” Dismissal pay: Employees are entitled to a weekly salary for each year of service [previously accumulated after the increase in years of service]. 4 weeks earned at 8.0% after 10 [8] years; 5 to 10% after 20 [15]. Similarly, 2 weeks earn 4.0% after 1 year, 3 to 6.0% after 3 and 6 to 12% after 23 [unchanged]. 1359704 Note: This summary reflects the information available at the time of ratification. A 1% per 0.07 point increase in the Canadian all-its CPI (2002-100) compared to 12 quarterly calculations. The first calculation of April 2014 compares the average CPI for December 2013 with the desk.-Trimestre 2014; the last adaptation will take place in January 2018. Each amount generated is folded into salaries every quarter. bargaining unit: aircraft maintenance personnel; mechanics; Clothing Engineers: The employer will provide high-quality weatherproof clothing such as rain equipment and winter parks [unchanged]. The minimum number of these objects managed in the tool centre is 15% [10%] of the total number of people employed in the collective agreement unit. Employer contribution to the money acquisition pension: contributions of 3.0% of salary [unchanged], 4.0% [6.0%] for employees in 15 [10] years of service or more.

Workers who already receive contributions that go beyond the amounts are retired [newcomers].